The World Needs Democracy Festivals

April 1, 2019


Eight democracy festivals from the Nordic and Baltic regions and a European-wide festival have joined their forces and established the International Democracy Festivals Association. “The vision of the Association is to revitalise democracy by strengthening the link between a political system and citizens as well as creating spaces for dialogue and participation” says the Chair of the Association, Zakia Elvang.

Democracy Festivals Unite the nordic
and Baltic Sea Region

January 26, 2018


After two years of cross-analytic fieldwork,
the first comprehensive overview of the Nordic and Baltic democracy festivals is published and supplemented by an inspirational guide for those who want to build their own democracy festival or lead democratic processes with stronger interaction and conversations.

The work is supported with funding by the Nordic Council
of Ministers.



Great international interest for Almedalsveckan!

Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 09.22.11.png

Many countries look to Sweden and the number of democratic meeting places around the world is growing every year. It is not only in the western world that the rings from Palme's speech in Almedalen have spread. This year, Almedal Week will receive visits from delegations from Finland, Uruguay and South Korea.

Why the UK needs a democracy festival!

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The ‘festival’ is something Britain is particularly good at, fields and urban centres all over the country have hosted music, book, food, and beer festivals, year after year. Festivals draw international interest and attention. With this established heritage of festivals, the current divisive nature of politics, and the problems with media bias increasing in recent years – we should be able to gather interest in a national democracy festival.

Danish Democracy Festival to be Exported to the rest of the world

March 30, 2019


Many countries wish to organize their own democracy festival. Now they can get an advice and help from the democracy festivals that are already established i the Nordic Baltic Regions.

(The article is written in Danish)