Eight democracy festivals from the Nordic and Baltic regions and a European-wide festival have established the International Democracy Festivals Association. By joining forces Democracy Festivals aim to strengthen the existing democracy festivals, to help other countries and organisers build democracy festivals and to act as vehicles for democratic change.
Democracy festivals are platforms for democratic dialogue between civil society, politicians, business, media, universities and people at large.

“The vision of the Association is to revitalise democracy by strengthening the link between a political system and citizens as well as creating spaces for dialogue and participation” Zakia Elvang, Chair of the Democracy Festivals Association.




Democracy Festivals are the platforms for a constructive political dialogue across opinions, age, gender and hierarchy where people come together each summer to discuss how to improve their countries. Civil society activists, entrepreneurs, government officials, ministers and people at large sit together and casually talk about how to make their country a better place for everybody.

Our Festivals Locations

The Democracy Festivals network has expanded in the Nordic-Baltic Sea Region and is spreading out in the rest of Europe.
There are already young democracy festival initiatives in other countries – and others are on the way!

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Democracy Festivals Criteria


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Does your festival respect the Democracy Festivals Criteria that our Association laid out? Do you plan to start or organise your Democracy Festival according to these criteria? New festivals are welcome to join our community and to be members of the Democracy Festivals Association. Get in touch with us!



If you wish to set up your Democracy Festivals
we might have some suggestions for you!

We would love to share our knowledge and experience with the rest of the world. Check out our Methods and get an overview of Democracy Festivals’ Design Dimensions and find inspiration to design your own.


If you wish to become a member of the Democracy Festivals Association, get in touch!

There are already young democracy festival initiatives on the way in other countries. Every year new festivals will be invited to join the Association.
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