methods For democracy Festivals

In 2017 collaborative research was conducted in order to gather knowledge and experience on Democracy Festivals in the Nordic Baltic Region. We hope that sharing this knowledge about the differences, similarities, challenges and opportunities of the various festivals, will serve as a point of departure for new countries to organise their own festivals as well as to organise cross-festivals initiatives.

The democracy festivals need a room to share knowledge, solutions and ideas! And to build joint initiatives across festivals” Mads Akselbo Holm, vice-chair of the Democracy Festivals Association.


Democracy Festivals Introduction

Until now, it has been difficult to get a comprehensive overview of the festivals in the region: not only due to language – but also on a deeper level, grasping the underlying cultural differences. We hope this paper will provide an introduction to the differences, similarities, challenges and opportunities of the various festivals
in the Nordic and Baltic Sea Region.


Design Dimensions

This paper is a result of our joint efforts to deconstruct a Democracy Festival into 10 core design dimensions based into the experience of all eight democracy festivals. We hope that this paper will serve you as an inspiration and be a good guide in strengthening participatory democracy, organising a democracy festival or convening people in other events in your home country.

Learn more about how we define the Democracy Festivals’ Design Dimensions.




Learn more about how we define the different Democratic Impact Goals.

What is the impact of the democracy festivals on democracy? In 2018 we developed first stage of our common Democratic Impact Goals – and the indicators that we look for. In 2019 and 2020 we have initiated a cross-festival project – we are going to develop an impact assessment method – linking individual, socio-economic and societal goals. And not least linking the different methods and data from the 9 festivals.