Nordic Council of Ministers helps spread participatory democracy

Nordic Council of Ministers has granted Democracy Festivals funding to carry our project further for another year. With the funds, the community will link the existing democracy festival organisers – and support the continuous exchange of knowledge and development of the festivals. 
“We’ll help new countries and organisers set-up their own democracy festivals and hopefully inspire a larger audience interested in development of participatory democracy – with the knowledge, method and network from the Democracy Festivals,” said Zakia Elvang, chairman of the steering committee of Democracy Festivals. “It’s exciting to see how participatory democracy  and the democracy festival concept is going more and more viral. We are grateful to the Nordic Council of Ministers for giving us means to make international cooperation between democracy festivals even stronger.”
In 2017, eight founding members of the Democracy Festival Community attracted around 500,000 participants who attended almost 9,000 events. Together, the festivals ran for almost a month — 29 days. During which time people discussed a great variety of societal and community related questions. Civil society activists, entrepreneurs, government officials, ministers and the general public gathered talk about how to make their country a better place for everybody. 
This year, Democracy Festivals is happy to welcome JUBEL, the European Conversation Festival, D’RAN the Dutch democracy festival and a line of pending festivals on board the community.
Democracy Festivals is an umbrella organisation for democracy festivals in an open Europe. The aim of the community is to offer festival organisers an international cooperation platform and help building stronger participatory democracies globally. In the beginning of 2018, Democracy Festivals published the first comprehensive overview of the Nordic and Baltic democracy festivals. The overview is an inspirational guide for those who want to start organising their own festival.
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Zakia Elvang
Chairman of the steering committee and one of the founders
Democracy Festivals
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